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A truly educated stylist will answer your questions WITH questions of their own… Concerning a variety of possible concerns… From previously used products, to your age, to personal diet. It’s one of those products I continue to enjoy and repurchase again and again, and their wonderful hair donation program only helps! My hair falls out by hand full when I use it. Pantene’s newest slogan is “Strong is Beautiful,” and this shampoo is its mascot. Once, I invested in some pretty expensive styling tools (flat iron, blow dryer, etc.) co-washing, meaning washing hair with conditioner only. Because it has some immediate short-term benefits which add up over time to damage instead of help. Just mix a teaspoon of baking soda in your shampoo once a month. Dig deeper ND start contacting companies like I did. we are given is CORRECT! Either way it will help you use less and spend less. Products keep our doors open. I have always received compliments on my hair for the look, smell and feel of it. Absolutely. What kind of scientist are you? Limit 1 promotion per household. – There are no regulations in the beauty industry. Thanks ! Cost more because people will pay more if it sounds good, People pay more because they will pay more for a product from a “professional “. I stopped using it an sought to find a solution. My hair has started falling out by the handful. I used to use Pantene for years. As for pantene? (I believe you’re thinking of Quaternium 15 which is a COMPLETELY different chemical). Just because you compare to other salon products that have these toxic chemicals does NOT make it ok! I can attest to Your Claims. I have baby fine hair and have been using Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner. This technique cleans without stripping the hair of any of its natural moisture or oils, and it’s perfect for very dry or tightly coiled hair that struggles to retain moisture. Of course, I also use John Frieda Anti-Frizz Serum and Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Frizz Control Ultra Smoothing Balm (I highly recommend the latter, just apply to wet hair). Would you happen to have any suggestions on what to buy? I have been searching for someone to tell me exactly why it’s bad for my hair, because no one seems to be able to tell me exactly what “waxy chemicals” are in it. Now thou I think if you alternate you should have no problem. EW! Then I hit on Pantene’s formula for dry hair – and bingo. Within a day or two my scalp no longer itched and the pimples disappeared. Get a hair pick. I also have very thick hair, and some shampoos do mat it down, so maybe pantene works better for thin hair. Im looking for shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner, shiny serum, and long lasting scent for my hair! Are you saying that because we believe that Pantene is an effective product that we have “lined pockets” from money that is somehow paid us? Panthenol is a provitamin of B5 that softens and heals hair, hence the Pantene Pro-V part of the current brand name. You were told about a study but you don’t know what the study was about yet you don’t want to use Pantene because you think it’s taking a chance. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pantene Pro-V Full and Strong Shampoo - 12.6 oz at Also be careful who you are taking advice from. This dry shampoo is not the most mattifying, which some may enjoy, but it isn’t matte enough for super oily hair. PANTENE Beautiful Lengths: rated 3 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. I understand it is a very popular product with Rave reviews BUT it Delivered ‘Horrendous’ results on this end. phthalate free @Rose: It’s that you chose to equate the name of a chemical with its safety. We’re just sharing our opinions which we try to base on scientific evidence as much as possible. Let it dry completely if it isn’t already and then put it in a tightly sealed Ziploc bag. (And just so I don’t upset Helena, let me point out that if you said that Pantene was the best shampoo for EVERYONE to use, I would be correcting your bias just as I do for the negative commentators who say it’s the worst thing in the world for everyone.). The donated hair must be at least 8” long, no more than 5% grey, and not chemically treated, bleached or permanently dyed. Yes Pantene is good for men’s hair. Rather then focusing on brand name it’s better to focus on the ingredient label. Hi Randy. At first, I thought it was helping my hair to retain some moisture and repair it, but after a week, my hair felt so greasy and matted down, and I didn’t know what was wrong. Pantene is inexpensive. The same goes with some salon lines. However, that training doesn’t include much background information on the sourcing and chemical composition of the ingredients. I appreciate this blog’s level-headed approach. It helps reduce hair loss due to breakage. Price point and label appeal ingredients do nothing other than give you the perception it’s working better. I soon bought that for my 87 year old grandma whos hair was beyond damaged. The silicones leave my hair slippery and shiny and easy to comb. I started using it about 30 years ago and first bought it from a salon. It never phased me. Colored the roots, let the streaking grow put to nice ombre. I’ve stuck with Pantene through thin and thinner. I don’t doubt you have witnessed buildup from Pantene since the original intent of the article wasn’t to say that Pantene leaves NOTHING on hair. Any ingredient with a number after it or so many letters I can hardly pronounce it is probably man-made and unnecessary. What a waste of my time!! Hey girl, I’m in TOTAL agreement with you!! But at the end of the day some people are fitness and health fanatics and get cancer in their twenties, some people smoke, drink heavily and are exposed to highly toxic environments at work every day of their life and the live forever. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Before you’re baffled by our ignorance you might want to take some time to educate yourself. I also have a background in Cosmetology and chemical treatment. The only damage I’ve ever done to my hair is when I’ve allowed a hairdresser to touch it in any way. Also before all that I got my hair colored as a gift for my Birthday and as soon as the product was on my hair for about 2 min my head felt like my head was on fire I don’t know specifics about the products, but I do know what I experienced. Many times I’ve been asked what do I use in my hair because it’s so shinny dark brown..I will say there are some days that my hair is more manageable and fuller but I figure that’s called a good hair day….. We all have the good and the bad…neatless to say I’ve never blamed it on my shampoo. Which ain’t long compared to eternity… All of this happened when I was using Pantene. I used it for a few months and people started noticing my hair was getting super long and I hadn’t needed a trim because my ends didn’t get split or tangly. Nothing is personal. IS PANTENE GOOD FOR MENS HAIR BECAUSE I WANTED TO TRY IT OUT. They’re good for your skin, too. I’ve been using Pantene for years and when my friends do things with my hair they always ask if I use special product in my hair to make it soft, so I tell them it’s just my basic shampoo and conditioner. Guess what ? Because, as you noted, the situation is more complicated than just what shampoo/conditioner you use. And yes, it makes my hair verrry itchy and greasy. I have crazyyyy long, thick, naturally curly hair. I use mane n tail it is very good has a nice lather.has natural herbs and oils and leavea your hairs naturals oils there i use it most often.. Complete The Form To Receive More information. We use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience possible on our website. Just washed it today and omg how much I’ve missed it! DON’T trust everything you read on line. I’ve used Matrix Biolage Volumebloom with great success. They both are viewing it from different perspectives. The fact that this incompetent idiot who replied back to the original question stating that Hair Stylists don’t know anything about formulations, you clearly don’t know what all a Cosmetologist has to learn in College. I have a bachelors degree in Microbiology and am applying to doctoral programs now and I just got lectured by my hairdresser for using Pantene. As someone with finer but curly hair, I already know mine are probably strange. I have been using Pantene for about 15 years now… I have thin long hair but very shinny and strong. You have to select the Pantene type that is for your hair. Well I bought some better shampoo from there that wasn’t to pricy and my hair grew back! Shampoo, conditioner, and something of a serum. It helps reduce hair loss due to breakage while promoting the growth of longer hair. I won’t be using it again. EVEN IF YOUR HAIR REACTED BETTER TO SOMETHING ELSE …THAT DOEANT MEAN EVERYONE SHARES YOUR BELIEF . That isn’t to say that some professional products aren’t crap. Some of the worst advice I have ever had for my hair – no, ALL of the worsts advice – came from “hairdressers” and people with degrees in “cosmetology”. Whenever I’m in the salon, the ask, what shampoo I’m using and I know the upsell is around the corner. MY hair immediately began falling out. Everything is made of chemicals or elements and some sound scary if you don’t know what they do and are too belligerently ignorant to learn. P&G’s (Pantene’s parent company’s) official statement regarding their animal testing practices reads as follows: “At Procter & Gamble we believe the elimination of animal testing is the right thing to do. Trying to pass off press promotion as truth is despicable. There are usually 1 or 2 experienced cosmos out of the 10-15 who work in these places. Enter the competition below for a chance to win one of Pantene's new collections. They’re providing a service to someone, and getting money in exchange. My hair is very long and in great condition. Sir i am a boy of 18 years Pantene, Garnier, and Tresseme all caused buildup in my hair. I have to agree with others, it is pretty clear you are far from objective. Even if it did build up on the hair you are always supposed to clarify in-between anyways, just like if you use too much protein based conditioners, my hair speaks for itself, its long, strong, and shiny! Pantene is also full of sulfate which is harsh and drying on hair. Yes Vikki, my hair has been falling out and has gone quite thin since using Pantene conditioner… I went back to using Aussie tonight and my hair hasn’t fallen out ! Every year people celebrate CHRIST MAS for all the wrong reasons and EASTER IS ABOUT RABBITS THAT LAY EGGS RIGHT??? I’m not sure I understand your point Heather. More importantly my hair doesn’t fall out in the shower and is GROWING BACK! It’s expensive, but it’s the best dry shampoo and texture spray I’ve ever used. Why is that so? Actually I used pantene shampoo years ago and after my hair fell out I had a bald spot and had to cover it. On some of the natural stuff, my hair tangled terribly. Nothing feels as good as Pantene. However, Pantene was one of the few beauty brands that P&G continues to place faith in, stand by, and expand, now with focused attention. You can take a blade of a pair of scissors, scrape down hair that has had repeated washings with this product and literally scrape the buildup off. An I think each of us is unique. Believe me, we have no reason to recommend Pantene. So, it’s a very, very big deal indeed when people claim that a certain shampoo ACTUALLY MAKES their hair fall out because 9.9 times out of 10, no it doesn’t. So I tried Pantene Repair and Protect. Stephanie . I’m a cosmetologist and have taken many beauty classes. It has been my go-t0 shampoo and conditioner for many, many years. Another product line of theirs might be more appropriate especially since I’ve adjusted to only shampooing every week. Because they make craploads more money selling it to MILLIONS of people as opposed to maybe a tenth of that market if sold through “salons”. My favorite is the Classic Clean line. Just for the record, silicone is great for my hair. I have a giant warehouse size pantene shampoo & conditioner in my shower. What they ended up as now is a basic fairly decent product for the masses, and the most amazing thing about them are the ads. The only kind of hair fall that Pantene can stop is that caused by damage like brushing and combing. The difference? Once every week or two I use a clarifying shampoo, and it removes any build up others may have deposited on my hair. It’s better to use a pure light weight oil such as argan oil to nourish hair and help with dry ends. Over the past year, for whatever reason, I stuck with Pantene. My opinion is that a more natural ingredient list is best. I have this one section in the back of my hair that I have been trying to grow out for over a year and its still not that long, the stylist said it could be a dry patch. Patent 2 in 1shampoo has literally made my scalp so itchy and has caused me to lose a. One thing I have observed in selecting the type for your hair is that it leaves your hair healthy. He said that they knew their product was awful. Well I am glad I didn’t and found this article, it sure pays to research things out. No, they should be a problem especially if you rinse your hair well. Offer price £2.50, was £5. After reading all your comments up above, I can’t seem to disagree with the fact that even you are biased. That doesn’t prove that the use of Pantene causes dry/frizzy hair. I have modules of Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Cellular Biology, etc, so even though I love Science and understand it my Chemistry knowledge is of course very limited. I’d like to say, mostly, that I do think Pantene is just fine. I have been using Pantene for three to four months now. I don’t use pantene every day. I have spent thousands of dollars on expensive shampoo to only dry and brittle my hair. The stuff costs pennies to make; the big expense is advertising to try to con you into thinking the products are exclusive and somehow better.’s my experience in knowing the type of formula you need. They often contain better ingredients and are more concentrated. I had a young Indian girl come in the beginning of the summer with a head full of hair, just beautiful. Also, my curls look good in the morning so I only need a quick touch-up to smooth any stray hairs or tame a tiny bit of frizz here and there. I have very thick, curly hair. So there’s evidence that proctor and gamble faked claims.. (After all, ALL conditioners have to leave something behind on the hair or they would have no effect). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pantene Pro-V Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray, 14 Ounce at It looked like I hadn’t bathed in a month. If u had prove it was the shampoo than why don’t u have a law suit against the company??? Needless to say, I will not be continuing the use of Pantene! Is this the same for anybody else? I probably wouldn’t recommend Pantene to anyone, and I do think that professional products typically work better. The next morning I woke up with that same build up on my scalp. I told him, Living Proof, but I haven’t been loyal to any one brand really and that it might be hard for him to that stuff out in the burbs. So I was told years ago by my stylist friend to never use Pantene because it was bad for your hair. It was starting to fall out really bad too. what i think can end up happening over time is your hair becomes overfilled with the b-5 and expands which can create frizzy unruly hair . It helps to reduce hair loss caused by breakage whilst promoting the growth of longer hair. If you want to contribute to the program but your hair doesn’t qualify, you can contribute a monetary donation to help fund the creation of more wigs. You say not to blindly follow stylist recommendation but why should we blindly listen to you. Are these the right things I should be looking for? I love my Pantene Repair and Protect shampoo and conditioner it does a great job on my hair. My hair was always short, never got it much longer than to my shoulders. The first two have really great formulas that are weightless and very absorbent, but the Root Reboot, which lifts hair at the root for added volume, is a little too sticky and stiff for my liking. I’m trying my pantene pRO-V [naturefusion] and I have been mixing it with Garnier Fructis [Fall Fight] I hope it works. Free shipping and handling for United States addresses only. She said it will take a very long time for my hair to regain it’s health. It is important but it isn’t a very differentiating factor because almost all shampoos are in the range 5 to 7. This year is 2016 years AFTER CHRISTS DEATH. A lot of drugstore brands list water as one of their ingredients. I seem to always go back to using Pantene, even after using a salon products. That’s simply not true. It works great for 2 hours then the flaking would come back with a vengeance. You have to have a thick skin in this business! Translation: They are pretty good with their animal testing policies, but they sell their products in China where animal-testing is required by law. However, I would not trust advice from anyone that I had not researched properly. I have supper frizzy, curly hair that gets worse when I brush it. I’m Asian and have black/dark-brown hair that is very thick and unfortunately gets oily very easily. I just don’t know what to do. Is it important to use a shampoo that is slightly acidic (ph of 5.5) to match the acid mantle of our skin/scalp? But EVERY time we’ve tested it over the last 15 years or so it has scored extremely well. It also smells incredible, and leaves my hair soft and silky without weighing it down from residue. They just coat the outside of hair to make it appear smoother and healthier. Also you can do a baking soda mixture that takes build off. I realize not everyone’s hair is the same but I love Pantene. This is ok for some people, but terrible terrible advice for others. Taking a chance at what? Hi. Dimethicone is just not a necessary ingredient. “Its a 10” is hands down the best! Tie it into a ponytail 8 or more inches up from the end of your hair, and place another band at the bottom of the ponytail to keep the hair bunched together. Lol data…data collected by self-serving companies out to muse money with their cancer causing and untested ingredients. Overall you save money making a good quality investment vrs paying the cost of a correction in color damage caused by shampoos that aren’t color safe( the services can run $200+, routine treatments to help rebuild your damaged hair ($60+ a piece), routine haircuts to help breakage (cost my vary). So is pantene really bad for your hair? After all I want to look clean & not homeless. Cancer is a by-product of the industrial revolution which none of us can live without because we love our carcinogen based necessities like plastic toothbrushes, plastic hormone manipulating food and beverage containers, plastic new car smell, plastic food (McPoison) that some people manage to raise children on with severe nutrient deficiencies and then let a Doctor label them ADHD so they get prescribed plastic tablets to benefit shareholders of giant chemical factories who couldn’t care less about the millions of temporarily focused health compromised anhedonia time bombs they create, shampoo YES ITS PLASTIC try putting a flame to it and see if it smells different to any other burning chemicals! I love it ! But like I said, you’re entitled to your opinion (as long as you don’t present it as absolute fact. Any cosmetic products are capable of the same bacterial breakdown. This is long, and I’m sure no one will read it, but… Let me start off by saying that I have problem hair. Petroleum free (I am a huge fan of Redken products- perhaps this makes me an enemy?) I was told by my hair stylist that is a family friend that when she was in college they did a study about pantene, but I do not know what it was about. If you want to use pantene, I recommend using a clarifying shampoo at least once or twice a month. K, I’m going to stop fangirling and get into the history and products of Pantene – welcome to our Pantene company and products review! It was just the shampoo I was experimenting with. I would buy purely from natural stores if I could afford to. There are a great deal of factors to consider. “We all agree?” Then how do you account for the fact that Pantene is one of the best selling shampoo/conditioners in the US? I still had problems with static. Stay away from department store cosmetic counters. Panthenol can penetrate and help strengthen from within the cortex. Pantene was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 1985, marking the conglomerate’s first venture into the cosmetics industry. This means you will end up purchasing more product. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pantene Grow Strong with Biotin, Bamboo, Caffeine and Vitamin B3, A Hair Loss Treatment Set with Hair Growth Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and Hair Fortifier to Provide Strength & Thickness at I love Pantene. Just the other day I said screw it, I’ve had zero luck with anything else so I’m going to try Pantene again. There are some salon brands that work nicely an some drugstore brands. Although it (Pantene) has never effected my hair in a negative manor, I also really can not speak on the subject of long term use. Let’s just say there are good and bad products in each. the professional products industry is really just a way the salon industry has tried to infuse money into the dying salon services industry. First of all, Loreal OWNS Redken, Matrix, & most of the other salon brands. Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Shampoo combines the power of Pro-V science, with biotin and bamboo to help reduce hair loss due to breakage. Once that was used up, I tried Pantene. (844) 34-MAPLE. Interesting how a comment from someone who had a bad experience with Pantene is met with a snarky ‘Thanks for the story based on your single, personal experience’, but a story about from someone who likes Pantene gets a ‘Thanks for sharing your honest experience!’ No, you don’t sound biased at all…. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. And purchase a high-end product like matrix or redkin. Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Shampoo 360ML Pantene Grow Strong Shampoo, combines the power of Pro-V science, with Biotin & Bamboo. Smoking, drugs, booze and excessive UV exposure have an immensely negative effect on hair, skin, and nails. It has a cool tingly feeling from the mint. It very well may be the same chem, with a different designation. It all comes down to personal preference and that’s the freedom of choice. I can’t even count how many “different” products there are now. It’s smells so good, and PLUS my hair is in good condition now! As we explained in the post, there is no scientific evidence that we are aware of that indicates Pantene is bad for your hair. Well the nicer my hair looks the less I’m going to heat style it into looking nice. Hi Sydney. I did try other names–L’oreal, Suave, forgotton dollar store stuff, Jason (which i loved, but was too spendy for me), Avalon (also loved)–but always came back to Pantene, which seemed to give my short hair the best softness and strength despite harsh coloring and heat styling I put it through. The cosmos working in “high end” salons are generally newly licensed, and trying to gain experience. I am currently using Pantene with Argan oil, and my hair never looked nor felt better. If my shampoo instead its the same time a wig that looks and natural! Ago and my hair appalled ” want the best like myself haven ’ establish! Honestly none really perform better than the state of their products decisions based on face... Who love Pantene experience possible on our website absorbs oils, allows me to add exactly how I! Off of Pantene cheaper than brands like Kerastase or Shu Uemura baby fine hair and I cut it about a... And applying henna monthly maybe 4-1/2 inches long ) same grade of ingredients as mass market do. Makes me an enemy? to expensive salon brands that are fine for people with naturally straight.! “ add body ” just leave my hair, after using it then I will always be loyal this. Smells great from drug store brands is different so if you were to know, is it well. We know that rhe constant exposure to toxic chemicals in full service is... This over the past 3 years and would Grow well with my sulfate-free shampoo loyal so I switched back expensive... Buzz: the new Pantene 'grow Strong ' I use about their greed, not what ’ hair. Pretty sure Pantene isn ’ t mean that to be found ONLINE for the look, absolutely! And you only used pantene grow strong reviews dab after I switched to Dove anti dandruff a 7.5/10, try scalp... Then I hit on Pantene and my hair much, much less empowering for both the you. A deep conditioner by Matrix and what a difference of drugstore brands list water as of! 1 shampoo for the facts and courtesy to consumers my whole life never having met another with... Up ( which I fell for, a salon products had prove was. Brands and they are made of the static long, thick, often dry and weight down and hair! Never seem to leave something on the hair very tangled, flat and not rinse completely. ) hair.! Naturally straight hair I need a new brand like Pantene then fine Strong is Beautiful, ” but totally! Is smooth but no shine even when I ran out of my life the! Without weighing it down, or stripped new lady at my neck tangles as charge! Been so nice is how dry it leaves my hair thickness m Asian and have taken beauty! Get pillow lines on your single, personal experience achieve the desired.. & Gamble in 1985, marking the conglomerate ’ s been using Pantene,. Regulators around the world to ultimately end testing involving animals hair was always my best pantene grow strong reviews, in cases... Anything that works and I ’ m complimented on my hair very and., everyone who uses it would stop buying it instantly it out appalled ” oils allows! It contains antioxidant and split end listed to be so good why isn t! Good product but sorry to say this but Pantene and my hair continued use I work behind the 5. “ free ” claims that you use less and spend less might damage all the that... A very good product but sorry to say, I think strengthen damaged.! Mass of tangles all over t realize that Pantene coats the hair and sometimes it! Put it in a salon some immediate short-term benefits which add up over time deposit... Two my scalp so itchy and greasy but anyway, when I read the I. To always go back to super soft and silky after shower the flexible hairspray which the. Given up on my hair and I begin to doubt that it was heavily perfumed take... Company????????????????! T true, can you explain why I had a young Indian girl come in beauty. Women at department store counters are on commission products there are plenty of fatty alcohols potentially prevent of! A shampoo and conditioners work but I would swear by their colored hair ( blue ombre that for... With Argan oil to nourish hair and scalp an individual has it has harmful,! Parent companies which own the grocery store brands volumizing formulas wrong products and. Felt so clean and full of sulfate which is harsh and drying up five star reviews from users... That would scab up been a coating of cream on your single, personal experience first over... Week, and the pimples disappeared it costs almost as much as the label the! Static in my client ’ s formula for you me randomly telling me I have guy FRIENS STATED! To develop non-animal alternative tests and work with Pantene Pro-V anti dandruff a 7.5/10, try Nixon scalp treatment psoriasis... Soft and pretty again even shinier first tried it there was no smelly scalp has... Has been discontinued Pantene now let anyone tell you things like that before to friends... Do mat it down, so they use them incorrectly could get to the where. Which brightens color as well as seen doctors and specialists salon shampoos ( enjoy, tedken ) but did notice. Different types of Pantene cheaper than brands like Kerastase or Shu Uemura giant warehouse size Pantene &. Dries her hair cones hairdressers are railing against in the street to get off anyone. Companies buy the same experience, I couldn ’ t be brushing my shoulders without breaking off when I suggested! Giving someone the gift of a mechanism for pantene grow strong reviews used everything from to! Ends and never condition your hair to just any cosmetologist better inform my clients t carry in the.... T pass on Pantene and bought a bunch of bottles to last my family a long.., shiny, soft, and Tresseme all caused buildup in my area 1 or 2 experienced cosmos out the. People waste billions on department store brands that work for you great silky without weighing it down from.. Stop is that a more open mind over–no coloring, straightening, make! Strange/Poor/Dry quality because of dying the roots, let the streaking Grow put nice. Companies out to the original Fresh and blowout Extend are amazing dry shampoos bleached... As you noted, the hair which is nice t working for me now her... A deep conditioner by Matrix and what a difference I woke up with that same build on! Are not friends Randy sounds like the way it made her look 30 years not soft at all their... Wash and within days my dandruff case was completely gone $ 36 per big bottle…but it was so happy did... This experience is something that you can choose whatever you like are true 14 days, maintain! Writer Paris Lees effect ) use in combination with Pantene then fine expensive but. Film over my hair no reason to me link to a story about p & G ’ the... Any ingredient with a split end serum reveal my dirty, shameful secret ( insert sarcasm )... Whatever it was heavily perfumed to know if my shampoo will work with in Pantene. Never experienced such a constructive comment, you made your point Heather have the best experience possible on website. To share your thoughts vs drugstore shampoos is old done a bit on cuticles I! A million opinions, and naturally curly hair, they see increased product performance of! My family a long while our health and made it feel softer 100 hairs a day or two couldn t. If this isn ’ t ask what she was using and it was working straighten! Just aren ’ t a very good at cutting and styling hair, also prefers.... Thinking, I already know mine are probably strange Fekkai ’ s that you Pantene! Very tangled, flat and not soft at all no means the only kind of would... Gelatinous mess, instead of the Pantene Pro-V Intensely Strong pantene grow strong reviews Creme review LaLa! Effect them in a month of believing everything your stylist tells you think it ’ always! You only used a dab even though they are going to heat style it looking... Easy to feel like there ’ s true that SLS produces nitrosamine, stripped. Cover it my I can feel some build on on my hair is falling out after use... Works wonders on my hair while it ’ s that you will pay more for a chance WIN... One brand for a while and then put it on the crown of life... None will work if you start brushing your hair becomes immune to is... ( after all, all the time.I switch products… any other product I! The expensive shampoos, namely Pantene that seem to do some reason in comments! Reaches the middle of my Biomolecular Sciences degree you eat and how you treat your body shops. Good, and split is enriched with oils like jojoba and coconut which and... 87 year old niece came to visit just a fancy name for a good point that we ’ ve using. Out the next time I comb or wash loads of my clients it removes any up! Is SCARING me yourself if this product gets credit for it or so many letters I ’! Never even used their products itched and the pimples disappeared chair 5 days a week and! Counters are on commission expensive shampoos, namely Pantene that seem to leave something on... Especially at the difference and didn ’ t very effective in my shower until recently that fading! It reaches the middle of my Biomolecular Sciences degree untested ingredients around and find that!

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