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TB: Our main challenge is to scale up. Amalia has fifteen years of destination marketing experience, having worked in both the travel trade and earned media space for destinations throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. 14th Floor I am lucky that I grew up on Mo’orea, so I have always been connected to nature, it is part of our culture. We have so much to learn from the ocean, for example how we could redesign a new society after this global pandemic, a more sustainable one. 3 years ago, the Coral Gardeners Association were established by Titouan Bernicot and his teenage friends. New York, NY 10003, 2420 17th Street, Suite 200 Coral reefs are like the rainforests of the ocean. var captureOnLoad = false; Beautiful ocean stories straight to your inbox. Titouan founded a nonprofit called Coral Gardeners with a two-fold mission: to raise awareness on the importance of coral reefs and to work at restoring them. Stream Titouan Bernicot Coral Gardener Saving Tahiti Islands' Coral -Graeme Kemlo by Travel Writers Radio from desktop or your mobile device My parents had a pearl farm there. The Coral Gardeners project in Tahiti is offering people the opportunity to adopt a Coral. OM:  What does nature mean to you personally? Adopt A Coral For Father's Day Courtesy of Moorea Coral Gardeners Association, Moorea, French Polynesia. What if DCI “adopted” coral as gifts for journalists and travel companies? TB: It was a choice I made, but it was never a question either. Second, they do not really know how to help at their scale. Once big enough, the nursery colonies are trimmed, and the fragments are outplanted back onto the reef while the main part of the colony remains in the nursery to grow the next generation of fragments. Titouan Bernicot. } The ocean is a part of my life, so I never considered the possibility not to be linked to it for my entire life. If you’d like to Adopt a Coral through Coral Gardeners, click here. Coral reefs have given me everything in life, from the waves we surf to the fish we eat. if (!arguments.length) { Accept. The Coral Gardeners is offering a new interactive EcoTour in Moorea. I was floating atop the water, Free Standard Shipping On All Orders COVID-19 Update. Instagram. We are constantly improving our methods and collaborating with experts, scientists, and engineers to create a scalable model that will allow us to set up Coral Gardeners branches around the world. The oceans — including coral’s algae — produce 50% of the oxygen we breathe while absorbing carbon dioxide. It is ironic how people tend to forget about it. OM: What new initiatives will you be working on this year? Suite 3001 Our dream is to rethink marine conservation to create a massive impact to save the reef! We do our best to process and ship orders within 1-2 business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays). A Farm. } As an 18-year-old concerned at the state of the reef, Titouan Bernicot formed Mo’orea Coral Gardeners in an effort to restore it. of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean through among all coral’s symbiotic algae and other marine organisms. Save 40% on your vacation stay - November 30-December 19, 2020 (new bookings only) Coral Gardens Resort is located on the #1 beach in the world. Suite 800 W document.dispatchEvent(myEvent); West Hollywood, CA 90069. HTMLCanvasElement.prototype.__SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext = __SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_GetContext; When he realised that his office, playground and sanctuary was under attack, he launched Coral Gardeners, which has been garnering support rapidly around the world and was the cover story of Oceanographic Issue 12. Titouan Bernicot Founder & CEO of Coral Gardeners. I feel small compared to the power of the ocean. } var __SPECTOR_Origin_EXTENSION_OffscreenGetContext = OffscreenCanvas.prototype.getContext; Mo’orea is fringed by a large coral reef that’s home to some of the world’s most diverse marine life. We just changed our technique to cementing and super corals. OM: Why do you think people are able to ignore the plight of the oceans? to make sure that everyone in the world can support us from where they are and with their expertise. Marie-Celine Piednoir shares some insights into their work with Ocean Innovators®. TB: I feel that I am in a completely different world, in a dimension. They were shocked by how quickly the colorful corals beneath them had turned to white and, within a few days, perished. return context; This week the restoration team is following on the health and growth of our planted fragments and the French navigator and artist Titouan Lamazou pays us a visit in one of our nurseries to plant his first coral. Coral Gardeners is an organisation in French Polynesia aiming to save coral reefs. ‘Sea Stories’ | Beautiful storytelling & photography, straight to your inbox, Join our community, stories straight to your inbox. Captivating storytelling. So that was my purpose. We need to realise that we are coexisting with nature and that we cannot always take from it without giving back. When he realised that his office, playground and sanctuary was under attack, he launched Coral Gardeners, which has been garnering support rapidly around the world and was the cover story of Oceanographic Issue 12. That’s why with Coral Gardeners we are using social media to raise awareness about the ocean: we are showing its beauty and its importance. } Notre série de vidéos vous … var found = false; They recall, “ Enjoying our time in the ocean is a skill and a passion. A ‘rescue’ cementing is performed the next day to check that the cement has hardened properly, and all fragments are secured. //

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